Monday, September 27, 2010

found objects

fallen patterns, mixed media (watercolor, pencil, leaves, paper) 9x12, 2010.

my assignment this week in art therapy was to make a found object collage/painting.
a few weeks ago, while waiting outside the painting annex for class, i found this beautiful leaf that i've been keeping in my planner, a reminder that fall is right around the corner. today outside my house, i found another leaf about the same size (the yellow one) which i pasted into my sketchbook with part of a map of spain. the pattern and colors on the leaf are very similar to the mapping. i then sketched and painted with watercolor a pear that fell from our tree during last night's storm. i had forgotten how much i enjoyed painting with water color, and will probably be experimenting more with it soon. the negative space between the pear and the leaves and map is painted with very rushed strokes, which was cathartic for the stress i am dealing with right now. (three exams and a paper this week.)
but... here is to autumn, my favorite time of year.

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