Tuesday, August 31, 2010


scribble drawing, marker on paper, 18x24, 2010.

the scribble drawing, created (independently) by art therapists cane and winnecott, is a technique used to reduce inhibitions and liberate imagery from the unconscious. basically, you use a self made scribble as an visual beginning for an image.

in class, kharta and i made scribbles using blue and green markers. out of those chaotic, yet flowery lines, we found three very abstract figures. my favorite is the open mouthed figure on the right, mainly because the profile reminds me of picasso. the middle floating figure has its arms up in a apathetic gesture, and the bottom left seems to be throwing up. we couldn't resist coloring in a tongue. kharta and i were able to keep a similar rhythm flowing in our lines, working together to mirror the design and direction. i love this class.

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