Thursday, November 18, 2010

accepting whatever comes

asheville, nc

punkin patch

i am taking the GRE tomorrow morning. my stomach has been summersaulting all sorts of ways for the past few weeks. i don't think i am actually nervous about the exam itself, but because this is the first tangible part of my application process for graduate school, which scares me because everyone seems to be taking a year off. and my portfolio is only 70% finished, and i want to have this all ready before christmas. eep. entonces, i am trying to be unafraid.

on the bright side, my grades this semester are the best they've ever been, living with people i LOVE in casa de color/babe ciudad is so much fun and everything i need, mariposas, and i just spent my birthday with ALL OF MY BEST FRIENDS in savannah/asheville/hendersonville/atlanta. still intoxicated with autumn colors.

can't wait to go home to be with all of my family, be vegetarian on thanksgiving, and visit the ringling. hehe yay

my punkins



frost, hendersonville nc

triple falls, hendsonville nc

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  1. I've been to triple falls! It's right by the camp where I work every summer (in Brevard) :)
    So happy to follow you :)