Sunday, March 14, 2010

the winged victory of samothrace

how hollow do our hearts become when afflicted with a loss? i have hurt so hard being across an ocean, separated from my family, when this is my first more intimate experience with death.
trying to find solace in the fact that my uncle left amidst his passions, understanding that God's timing is perfect, though i cannot comprehend it.

rest in peace, Uncle Tom. i'll look through my lens for you now.

i have never experienced such a vast realm of emotions as this past week has brought, either. (sadness, emptiness, worry, annoyance, anger, more hurt.) and i am homesick for the first time. still so in love with my city, but no longer trying my hardest to extend my stay. this won't be the last time this continent is at my fingertips, my eyes in the windows of its trains and my breath held up high in its planes. such a mix of feeling too young, but being hit with the fact that life is so so short.

norby families:)

grandma pauline wishes she could have been there, too.

last time he visited orlando, he said so many of the funniest things
that will stick out to us the most:)

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